Cladding is perhaps one of the most adaptable building materials available to both amateurs and professionals. It can turn your garden shed into a masterpiece, or add value to the homes your construction company builds. Luckily, in the UK there are some excellent sources for cladding. While we don’t sell cladding ourselves, you’ll find what you are looking for, from feather edged cladding to tongue-and-groove, at one of these great suppliers.



Western red cedar is durable and beautiful, and readily available at iWood. This supplier takes orders and will import wood according to each customer’s specifications. The company actually imports timber according to customer orders. It can be cut to size, and will be planed all around to reduce splintering. This makes cedar cladding from iWood much easier to use I finished carpentry projects.

You can order American ash or white oak, European oak or ash, or western red cedar. They also supply American cherry wood, a beautiful, long-grained wood that shows the glimmer of grain once stained. European elm and beech are also in their inventory, as are American poplar, tulipwood, sycamore, and walnut.


Wickes provides timber cladding as well as uPVC cladding. For your hobby use or business use, you can order from them and get help and advice, too. The uPVC panels are decorative, and provide a finished look to your projects with little help. You can order interior or exterior cladding, and get clips to go with your order for quick installation.

Vincent Timber

Vincent Timber’s website offers great instructional videos to walk you through a variety of different construction projects. They also offer tutorials on the use of various woodworking tools. They supply private customers and contractors as well. In addition, they work with the packing industry and with architects. They also work with haulage companies. Among the services they provide are component production, laminating, laser cutting, planning, routering, veneering, and sawing. All of these services are available to customers according to their orders

UK Sleepers


UK Sleepers provides railway sleepers for use as gardening sheds. But, they also provide cladding for a wide variety of uses, in a variety of styles. Feather edge cladding is a popular order, as are profiled cladding and waney edge boards. You can get trim boards ready cut. They have various grades of timber available according to the uses you have in mind. Much of their timber is reclaimed, reducing the carbon footprint and keeping trees live longer. You can get reclaimed crossing timbers and untreated sleepers as well as treated railway sleepers that have been treated with eco-friendly treatments.

UK Oak

UK Oak provides customers with oak mantel pieces, beams, boards, and posts. They have green oak beams as well as air dried beams. They also sell doors made of solid oak, as well as tables and other types of oak furniture. Included in their inventory is flooring, skirting, timber cladding, and fencing materials. Their cladding is available in feather edge, tongue-and-groove, and many more styles.