Planter pots have become the urban and suburban solution to the need humans have to make things grow. They can create beautiful arrangements, grow their own fruits and vegetables, or nurture a lovely herb garden, all because of pots. Some of the most beautiful planter pots are made of fibreglass. This lightweight, durable material has been used as strengthener in airplanes, automobile chassis, construction materials, sporting goods, and many other applications for decades. Now, fibreglass in planter production has expanded the choices and function of a very useful product in our homes.


An Eye For Detail

The detail available through the use of fibreglass is almost legendary. The flexibility of this material makes it ideal for moulds that would otherwise be too intricate for other products. Delicate scrollwork, ribbing and rope details are easy with fibreglass.


Fibreglass is usually combined with another material, such a concrete for weight, or PVC for structure. Wherever it is used, it will make the product more durable. Glazed fibreglass pots will retain their color longer without fading or chipping. They also will not bow when full of soil, with roots pushing against the sides.

Fibreglass doesn’t break down the way plastic does when exposed to sunlight. It is sturdy whether used inside or outside. There are of course other materials that can be used, why not check out our shop?


Fibreglass is one of the most affordable products on the market. It is often made with recycled ingredients, and planter pots with fibreglass will be among the least expensive. These planters can be decorative as well as functional, all within the tightest of budgets.



One of the fastest growing markets for sturdy, durable materials for planters is GLARE ware. This is actually Glass Laminate Aluminum Reinforced Epoxy. It is made of alternating layers of very thin aluminum and fibreglass. They are bonded together with an epoxy. While some constructions of this material call for placing each layer in the same direction, for stronger products the layers will run in different directions.

For fibreglass planters, this means that you can find exquisite large planters that will be strong enough for trees or larger plantings. This is especially helpful with planters used in public places such as malls, lobbies, and atria in large office buildings.

GLARE planters are uniquely strong and durable, and are also resistant to corrosion and fire. This makes them a perfect choice for use outdoors or in areas known for high temperatures, such as parking lots or median strips on city streets.

Window Boxes

Fibreglass planters also make excellent window boxes. This type of application tends to be a problem, because window boxes will often bow from the weight of soil and plants. The drain holes will also stain the cladding of the house beneath the boxes.

Fibreglass window boxes are strong enough to retain their shape, even when attached to the side of your house rather than sitting flat. They can be purchased with a reservoir that catches runoff, sparing your siding.