Whether positive or negative, most people feel like they need to lose some weight. The diet food industry is huge, as is the fitness industry. With all of the advertisement and product placement surrounding us, it is easy to fall into the trap of using junk to lose weight.

Artificial Sweeteners


One of the first traps we often fall into is the use of artificial sweeteners. This is junk food at its worst. All of the artificial sweeteners are chemicals that create a toxic waste dump inside our bodies. When you go through a detox regimen, one fo the hardest things to purge from your body is the artificial garbage you have ingested.

Fake sweeteners are used to make food more palatable. Most human tastebuds respond more quickly to the flavor of “sweet” than to any other flavor. But, if you are the kind of person who is willing to sacrifice a piece of luscious crème puff in favor of something artificially sweetened, you are also capable of limiting your intake of the real thing. Even a taste of something devilishly good is better than a whole package of something full of fake junk.


Preservatives are harder to dump. This is try both figuratively and literally. First of all, preservatives keep food fresh, so you don’t have to shop as often. They also keep you from having to cook as often, because the foods are “fresh” longer. However, these preservatives often have unwelcomed effects on the nutritional content of your food. Unfortunately, the work you have to invest to eat fresh foods that have no preservatives is beyond the reach of most people.

They are harder to dump from your body, too. Your digestive tract and purifying organs are stressed by preservatives. During detox, these artificial chemicals hang on to the body most persistently.

The Myth of Low Fat


Many people think that low fat food items are automatically better for them. But, fat holds flavor, and if a food is low fat, it usually means that other chemicals have been added to increase and improve flavor. Don’t fall into this trap. Check the calorie, MSG, and sodium content, and you may be surprised.


Living a lifestyle that reduces toxins in your body can be difficult, but not impossible. The pay off is a healthier body, mind, and spirit. By cutting down on the number of artificial sweeteners and preservatives, you can immediately eliminate some of the most destructive elements to your body. Then, by taking care to replace those chemicals with things that are more easily processed by your body, you will begin living a detox lifestyle.

Detoxing your body can be strenuous, and many people avoid it for as long as they can but exercise and visiting a weight loss retreat could help. This is especially true for people who know they are consuming chemicals that are unhealthy. However, if you follow a moderately healthy diet, detox is not as harsh. You can begin to get rid of other toxins that your body has absorbed from medication, air, and topical contact.