Are Your Zoom Calls Making A Statement?

Are Your Zoom Calls Making A Statement?

With the rise in work from home employment, you need to make sure the image you portray over Zoom and professional video calls does not leave you looking unkempt and unfashionable. The image of your work-wear should be taken just as seriously as the work itself, and dressing for success and professionalism is something you need to take into consideration for every video conference, much in the same way you would if you were attending in person.

So without further ado, here are my five key tips to dressing for a business video call:

1) Stick with classic colors like black or navy when it comes to choosing your outfits – they will look more professional during a video call than bright or overly patterned clothing.

2) Invest in some good quality, noise-cancelling headphones. They’ll block out any ambient noise and ensure you sound clear and professional.

3) Be sure to stand up straight when on camera – slouching can make you look less confident and professional.

4) Lighting is very important – be sure to position yourself in front of a bright window for your video calls, or use a professional lighting kit if you do not have a window available.

5) If you have a large, cluttered desk, get some professional-looking office organizers to keep it tidy. Clutter can make you look disorganized and unprofessional.

So no matter what type of work you’re in, dress to impress and be professional when you do a video call.

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A review of the answer will also show that although it has some good information, it’s completely incorrect in some parts – no windows does not mean there are no lights available and professional clothing has nothing to do with video calls.

Very incomplete answer, lacking in the most important information. [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:

your cell phone has a camera that you can use to take pictures of presentations or demonstrations. The person viewing the pictures on his/her screen will be able to see in much better detail than if they just looked at the white board. Make sure you use a high quality camera and that your lighting is correct for the best results. Good lighting eliminates glare and shadows.

Techniques For Buying Birthday Presents

Techniques For Buying Birthday Presents

Are you thinking of how to find a gift for your loved ones on their birthday party? Indeed, one of the best ways of expressing your love for your partner or loved ones is to give him or her very wonderful and meaningful gifts as birthday presents which will remain evergreen in memory. Without any doubt, birthday is generally recognized as a very unique celebration that one needs to diligently find a gift most suitable for. In real life, birthday is a celebration of live after counting the blessings; it is worthwhile to receive befitting birthday presents, most especially from the well wishers. Whether you have known the exact birthday presents or not, it is very important to think of how you can find a gift most desirable. Interestingly, the two vital ways to find a gift which you can use as birthday presents include both online and offline stores, particularly in this present dispensation.

Obviously, online store is generally the best way to find a gift because it is more convenient, faster, and probably cheaper. Besides, you will see varieties of birthday presents which you cannot find in the offline stores. In order word, you can stay at the comfort of your room and visit different stores to make your choices. Besides, you have very wider scope when thinking of buying birthday presents in offline stores as this make you feel comfortable whenever you want to find a gift for birthday presents. Better still, having bought your birthday presents, use can still add some personal touch to them by engraving or printing the recipient name on the birthday presents. Some of the birthday presents in this category include pottery, ornaments, tote bags, jewelry, glasses, mugs, beer bottle, candy bars, perfumed soaps and several others.

In case you are not satisfied with any of the aforementioned gift, you can still explore some other ways to find a gift just to suit your purpose. Additionally, other birthday presents that may be of interest to you include food hampers which can be loaded with most suitable food flavours for the recipients. Some expected fillers in the hamper include spicy, piquant, savory and chocolaty, many goodies, scrap books, photographs video or music CD. As if this is not enough, you can choose to design same hamper in accordance to the name of the birthday celebrant.

To conclude it all, to find a gift is not limited to just one way. In fact, birthday presents can be created with the application of handmade gifts because it comprises of customized touches. In case you are among the gifted type, then creating presents for birthday become fun as you do not have to border yourself on how to find a gift for birthday celebrant. This implies that he or she can be a supplier to anyone who is trying to find a gift for celebrants.

Help Your Nearest And Dearest To Rest This Christmas

Help Your Nearest And Dearest To Rest This Christmas

As Christmas rolls nearer, a lot of individuals have become preoccupied with ideas of what to purchase their loved ones; and as with every joyful season, huge numbers of people spend hours agonizing over the presents that are perfect.

However, try as they might, every year millions of individuals also get their preferred gifts quite incorrect. Really, many a girl has, with a sinking heart, received a proudly presented kitchen appliance, whilst the guys luck out with matters that were such a pack of handkerchiefs or a handy pair of socks.

Nevertheless, the perfect present may possibly not be as elusive as you might first imagine. In reality, thought about rationally, it’s truly quite simple. Have a look in the lives of the folks around you; so do they, just as you work difficult to earn your keep. And as you come home at the close of the day so do they.

So, what could possibly be better then, than giving your loved ones a gift they can utilize on themselves? A gift that can work towards helping relax and rejuvenate the mood, in addition to removing a year’s worth of built up tension?

Spa presents aren’t only an excellent strategy to get into the great novels, however they’re just the kind of gift that you just can not go wrong with! Excellent for the man that is overworked, they’re just the ticket for letting that special someone know they deserve to take a rest and pamper themselves for some time.

And, do not stress if you are not certain what they enjoy. By buying a coupon, you can let them choose whether they would like to indulge in a few hot rock treatment, partake in a bio-sauna or be smothered in magnificent creams and wrapped up in warm towels.

along with the many therapies and treatments offered, there are , in addition, a variety of distinct sites for your preferred receiver to choose from. So, to resort and day spas from health farms, a coupon entitles them to select an assortment of delightful sounding, fully relaxing treats, in various places. Also, because the decision making is being done by them, you can not actually get it wrong

If the cost is what is stressing you, do not fret. The truly amazing advantage to purchasing a coupon means that you could spend as little or as much as you would like to. Thus, you may have a coupon as an extra special treat, or splash out on a resort health spa stay, along with a different present.

Really, everyone deserves a little pampering once in a while. So, why not give your loved one an ideal reason to indulge in their own decadent side this joyous season with a luxury Christmas spa present?

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Buying The Right Surfboard

Buying The Right Surfboard

With the ever-growing popularity of surfing, surf schools and suppliers have honed the choice of equipment to a fine science. Buying the right surfboard can make your surfing experience even more fun. Build some mad skills with a surfboard that is right for your size, shape, and abilities. If you need help making the decision, check in with a Bude Surf School to get a “fitting.” You’ll be amazed to see how helpful it is.



Your surfboard dimensions can be customized. Various dimensions of your board will fit different skills levels. For example, if you are fairly new to surfing, you may want a surfboard with a wide tail. This makes it easier to maneuver your board at slow speeds. With advanced skills, you would want a narrow tail so that you can turn easily at high speed.

The width if the middle of the board has similar impact on your skills. A wide board has more flotation in it, and is better for those who are not as experienced and skilled. A narrower board is faster and more maneuverable.

The length of your surfboard matters, too. You may actually want a longer surfboard, because it has more foam in it. This gives it stability in soft, slow waves that might otherwise be difficult to navigate on a short board.

The Rocker

Surfboards have rockers. This is actually the curve of the board, from one end to the other. The amount of curve your surfboard has on the nose will determine how fast it can go and how quickly it will climb waves. The tail rocker will increase in curve as you gain more skills and are capable of making quicker turns.

The foil is part of the overall rocker construction, and is the way the foam is distributed through the board. If there is uneven distribution, the board will not flow across the waves property, digging in when you don’t want it to.



The bottom contour of your surfboard can make a huge difference in the performance. A flat bottom is good for a beginner, because it provides easier manipulation in soft or soggy surf. If you are more advance, however, you will find this type of board frustrating because you won’t have the ability to make hard, fast turns.

If you are skilled enough to make fast, tight turns, setting your board on edge, the Vee bottom will give the most maneuverability. A concave bottom contour will channel the water the length of the board, compressing it and increasing your speed. It also makes turning faster. Cnallel bottoms are a combination of flat and concave, where you have a series of flat planes arranged in a concave shape. This channels the water without building up pressure.

There are other features of the surfboard, such as the tail design, that affect performance. Your instructor at Bude Surf School can advise you on which one to use as your skills improve.

Making Your Home Clean And Fresh

Making Your Home Clean And Fresh

One of the most popular bits of furniture in stores today are white gloss hall console tables. Why is that? It is because they make your home look clean and fresh. Here is how it works, and how you can capitalize on this decorating style to accomplish a clean, comfortable home with your furniture.

The Modern Look


The modern look is all about function and less about frills. It usually features sleek lines and hard, shiny finishes. Rather than appearing industrial and uncomfortable, the right mix of modern styled furniture and fabrics can make your home feel uncluttered and comfortable.

In the past, the “modern” look consisted of chrome and glass. Any upholstery was vinyl, for that shiny look. Of course, some people would have leather rather than vinyl. However, upholstery styling was sparse, with little padding. Vinyl and leather were stiff and mostly unyielding in order to maintain the slick, straight, and flat look necessary.

However, today’s modern combines clean lines with comfy cushions to make the home more comfortable while still setting the bar higher for designers.

White Gloss Hall Console Tables

White gloss hall console tables are used quite often in modern decorating in a variety of situations. As you enter your apartment or home, one of these tables in the entry establishes an uncluttered look, with a beautifully crafted vase or living orchid adding a touch of style.

The same table can be used as a sofa table, allowing you to decorate the space behind your sofa without creating a toe-stumper. It can also be used as a side-server in the dining room.

Why Gloss, Why White?

So, why is white gloss so popular? The main reason is that any time a surface is reflective, it makes the spaces around it look bigger and cleaner. That is because if something is dusty or grimy, it is not reflective. While you may not notice dust on the table, you will notice the clean look when it is dusted.

White is popular because it can actually look clean even when it is not clean. I drove a white car for years, because it always looked clean – even during the dirt storms that make my part of the U.S. famous.

When you combine white with gloss, you get a sparkling look that automatically makes you feel like you are surrounded by light and fresh air. In my office, (recently converted from my son’s room), I elected to install glossy white shelving units. They are hung on the wall, rather than units that sit on the floor. Even with the already-accumulated layer of dust that is inevitable in this area, they look great. The room is energizing, and looks and feels clean. All of the trim is also glossy white, and I am about to paint my drop leaf table – serving as my desk – the same, clean colour.

Gloss paint is also more durable than other types of paint. It will resist dents and stains, and be much easier to clean. That’s why a white, high gloss table is so appealing.