Are Your Zoom Calls Making A Statement?

Are Your Zoom Calls Making A Statement?

With the rise in work from home employment, you need to make sure the image you portray over Zoom and professional video calls does not leave you looking unkempt and unfashionable. The image of your work-wear should be taken just as seriously as the work itself, and dressing for success and professionalism is something you need to take into consideration for every video conference, much in the same way you would if you were attending in person.

So without further ado, here are my five key tips to dressing for a business video call:

1) Stick with classic colors like black or navy when it comes to choosing your outfits – they will look more professional during a video call than bright or overly patterned clothing.

2) Invest in some good quality, noise-cancelling headphones. They’ll block out any ambient noise and ensure you sound clear and professional.

3) Be sure to stand up straight when on camera – slouching can make you look less confident and professional.

4) Lighting is very important – be sure to position yourself in front of a bright window for your video calls, or use a professional lighting kit if you do not have a window available.

5) If you have a large, cluttered desk, get some professional-looking office organizers to keep it tidy. Clutter can make you look disorganized and unprofessional.

So no matter what type of work you’re in, dress to impress and be professional when you do a video call.

You know what’s the matter with this question? The answer is nothing. If you’re trying to get a response, it’s obvious the person you’re asking doesn’t care how you dress. There’s nothing wrong with dressing down for work – there are more important things than looking fashionable when dealing with customers and clients.

The problem with this question is that it’s not really a question – upvoting the answer will only encourage more of same kind of questions. The moderator should direct the user to use “Ask Question” instead.

A review of the answer will also show that although it has some good information, it’s completely incorrect in some parts – no windows does not mean there are no lights available and professional clothing has nothing to do with video calls.

Very incomplete answer, lacking in the most important information. [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:

your cell phone has a camera that you can use to take pictures of presentations or demonstrations. The person viewing the pictures on his/her screen will be able to see in much better detail than if they just looked at the white board. Make sure you use a high quality camera and that your lighting is correct for the best results. Good lighting eliminates glare and shadows.

What Are The Fashion Trends For This Spring?

What Are The Fashion Trends For This Spring?

Springtime fashion shows are occurring worldwide, and as the New Year is well underway, a few noticeable style crazes have caught on and have already shown real signs of staying power.

Art Deco – One common motif throughout runways in early spring has been an emphasis on Art Deco- inspired designs. Fashion designers frequently look to artwork for inspiration, and in this instance, they’ve taken bold colours as well as shapes, and have incorporated them in their appearances. Typically the most popular designer to get this done recently has been Gucci, lately seen on Florence Welch and Diane Krueger.

Designer Fashion Collections at Affordable Costs – Everyone wants a designer look for less, which is when a partnership was announced by Target like Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni, Lily Band, and much more with guest designers, shops were filled! The same is true for Versace for M & H and some Macy’s designers.

Brazil – Whether we are referring to shoes or clothing, men’s and women’s fashions are venturing further from Europe and south of the equator. Perhaps it’s to do with the increasing popularity of superstar Victoria’s Secret runway models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bundchen, who now have exactly the same popularity that Hollywood stars do.

Metallics – When you think of springtime, you think of vibrant, bouncy colors and florals. Metallics though? Generally reserved for nighttime, as seen on the runaways of Brazilian Fashion Week from designers like Carlos Miele, metallic are all the rage this spring and are even being paired with flowery prints. The key is one bit – either a metallic belt paired with flowery top and a white shirt, or a metallic, flowy blouse with white slacks.

Geometric – With daring, interesting colours comes the need for geometric prints, which goes along with Art Deco. You will find a ton of whimsical and modern prints available, including sun dresses, which are consistently popular this time of year.

Blue – All across runways, including Paris Brazil, and New York, were vivid colors of blue, including blue flowery print tunics blue satin dresses, floral blouses with hot short shorts, and Robell Trousers.

Heels with a platform – Stilettos might be taking a back seat. Throughout Ny fashion week, the appearance was all in regards to a chunky heel. You could have boat loads of fun with bold splashes of colors and animal prints here, but be sure if you’re going this path, you pair down your ensemble as not to collide.


What’s Fashionable in Women’s Clothing this Autumn

What’s Fashionable in Women’s Clothing this Autumn

A brand new selection of style must-haves every fall attempts to link the space between the summer and winter collections of every girl. Therefore, what should you be contributing to your clothing this year to ensure you will be on-trend as the fall leaves are slipping?

Ponchos loved a significant fashion comeback using the hippie revival as recently as just a couple years back. Therefore, it is small surprise that the capes of women are illuminating the high-street and also the designer too. Be it perhaps a cloak or a cape, the clothing of every girl must have the hippie poncho’s sophisticated model. Quickly cast over a sweatshirt, t-shirt shirt or, the cape may be the ideal complement to any clothing.

Camel jackets
Among Vogue Magazineis should-buys for fall 2010, if you should be just purchasing this year to one product, it is got to be always a camel coat. Itis not the design that concerns below, it is the camel color which has been this type of strike about the designer. Mix the most recent color with the leading designs of this year – trench, military and shearling coats – to obtain the best search this fall.

The search has been after several rings integrated military designs to their stagewear today, about the high-street for some months. This fall, however, it isn’t just the military layer that’s essential-have for each girl. It is the very first time the search has truly been ‘decked out’ after offering in several selections before like Two Danes Clothing. Today, select from a variety from clothes, of military products to blazers, to produce an ensemble that may look fantastic wherever you put it on.

Leather skirts
Creating a return in both dresses and covers, leather was huge information about the catwalks showcasing the fall/winter collections of this year. Leather skirts could be used with almost any top to produce a person search for any special occasion. This year, the leather skirt is likely to be among the best products of style, in the pencil skirt to 1 of the other attributes of fall – the 1950s-style dress that is large.

Cardigans that are cozy
The clothing of every girl requires a cozy cardigan which makes when it is used them feel well. Just like a hug from the family member, this choice bit of apparel can make you experience god regardless of what else you are wearing. Ideal for sliding on when youare out walking or when youare lounging about the couch, the comfortable cardi is the perfect mixture of heat, convenience and design of that this period.

Techniques For Buying Birthday Presents

Techniques For Buying Birthday Presents

Are you thinking of how to find a gift for your loved ones on their birthday party? Indeed, one of the best ways of expressing your love for your partner or loved ones is to give him or her very wonderful and meaningful gifts as birthday presents which will remain evergreen in memory. Without any doubt, birthday is generally recognized as a very unique celebration that one needs to diligently find a gift most suitable for. In real life, birthday is a celebration of live after counting the blessings; it is worthwhile to receive befitting birthday presents, most especially from the well wishers. Whether you have known the exact birthday presents or not, it is very important to think of how you can find a gift most desirable. Interestingly, the two vital ways to find a gift which you can use as birthday presents include both online and offline stores, particularly in this present dispensation.

Obviously, online store is generally the best way to find a gift because it is more convenient, faster, and probably cheaper. Besides, you will see varieties of birthday presents which you cannot find in the offline stores. In order word, you can stay at the comfort of your room and visit different stores to make your choices. Besides, you have very wider scope when thinking of buying birthday presents in offline stores as this make you feel comfortable whenever you want to find a gift for birthday presents. Better still, having bought your birthday presents, use can still add some personal touch to them by engraving or printing the recipient name on the birthday presents. Some of the birthday presents in this category include pottery, ornaments, tote bags, jewelry, glasses, mugs, beer bottle, candy bars, perfumed soaps and several others.

In case you are not satisfied with any of the aforementioned gift, you can still explore some other ways to find a gift just to suit your purpose. Additionally, other birthday presents that may be of interest to you include food hampers which can be loaded with most suitable food flavours for the recipients. Some expected fillers in the hamper include spicy, piquant, savory and chocolaty, many goodies, scrap books, photographs video or music CD. As if this is not enough, you can choose to design same hamper in accordance to the name of the birthday celebrant.

To conclude it all, to find a gift is not limited to just one way. In fact, birthday presents can be created with the application of handmade gifts because it comprises of customized touches. In case you are among the gifted type, then creating presents for birthday become fun as you do not have to border yourself on how to find a gift for birthday celebrant. This implies that he or she can be a supplier to anyone who is trying to find a gift for celebrants.

Help Your Nearest And Dearest To Rest This Christmas

Help Your Nearest And Dearest To Rest This Christmas

As Christmas rolls nearer, a lot of individuals have become preoccupied with ideas of what to purchase their loved ones; and as with every joyful season, huge numbers of people spend hours agonizing over the presents that are perfect.

However, try as they might, every year millions of individuals also get their preferred gifts quite incorrect. Really, many a girl has, with a sinking heart, received a proudly presented kitchen appliance, whilst the guys luck out with matters that were such a pack of handkerchiefs or a handy pair of socks.

Nevertheless, the perfect present may possibly not be as elusive as you might first imagine. In reality, thought about rationally, it’s truly quite simple. Have a look in the lives of the folks around you; so do they, just as you work difficult to earn your keep. And as you come home at the close of the day so do they.

So, what could possibly be better then, than giving your loved ones a gift they can utilize on themselves? A gift that can work towards helping relax and rejuvenate the mood, in addition to removing a year’s worth of built up tension?

Spa presents aren’t only an excellent strategy to get into the great novels, however they’re just the kind of gift that you just can not go wrong with! Excellent for the man that is overworked, they’re just the ticket for letting that special someone know they deserve to take a rest and pamper themselves for some time.

And, do not stress if you are not certain what they enjoy. By buying a coupon, you can let them choose whether they would like to indulge in a few hot rock treatment, partake in a bio-sauna or be smothered in magnificent creams and wrapped up in warm towels.

along with the many therapies and treatments offered, there are , in addition, a variety of distinct sites for your preferred receiver to choose from. So, to resort and day spas from health farms, a coupon entitles them to select an assortment of delightful sounding, fully relaxing treats, in various places. Also, because the decision making is being done by them, you can not actually get it wrong

If the cost is what is stressing you, do not fret. The truly amazing advantage to purchasing a coupon means that you could spend as little or as much as you would like to. Thus, you may have a coupon as an extra special treat, or splash out on a resort health spa stay, along with a different present.

Really, everyone deserves a little pampering once in a while. So, why not give your loved one an ideal reason to indulge in their own decadent side this joyous season with a luxury Christmas spa present?

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New Planters On The Shop

New Planters On The Shop

You seriously need to visit the shop to see the new planters we have. Just as with clothing design, planters can be seasonal and fresh. We have planters and new styles that are great for indoors, as well as for the deck or garden. If you want to see what we can do for your commercial spaces, check out the shop and get some great ideas. We will even design planters specifically for you and your business.

Indoor PlantersGraph conical high cms 1-858x1200

We have a new line of metal indoor planters. The reason we are calling these “indoor” is because they are so beautiful, you may not want them outdoors, exposed to the weather. The zinc flower potsare great for those with modern décor, because of the unique finish and sleek lines.

We have a line of Oriental style planters with delicate scenery all the way around. This is I the glaze of this 6 sided pot, in colors of teal, rose and green. The panels on the upper rim are beautifully detailed, and each side has a lovely pattern of either roses or people in red robes in a temple.

Another line we are carrying now is the Dubai line of planter pots. These are beautifully detailed resin planters that look for all the word like enamel. The lower portion is a paler color than the rim. The body of the pot is also a matte finish, while the inside and rim, which is about 4 inches, is high gloss. This 15 inch pot is a nice statement for indoor decoration, and comes in a great red for the holidays! Transplant your Norfolk Pine into this pot, and you’ll have years of enjoyment.

We also carry the Bombay line of planters. This one is available in red or green – again, great for the holiday season. This one is also made of resin, so it will be durable yet lightweight The semi-gloss finish extends for the full size of the pot, and the rim has three raised bands just below it to add a touch of art deco detail. This planter comes in a variety of sizes, so it will work great for your herb garden.

Graph round low cms 1-858x1200If you prefer the wicker look, we have Java, which is a wicker pattern resin planters. The great thing about resin for indoor planters is that it is lightweight so that you can move it from room to room to take advantage of seasonal light. It is also non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about water seepig out onto your furniture or flooring. The Java wicker planter is 22 inches, and will make a great addition to any room, with its neutral coffee color.

For a more classical look, you might like the Richmond series. This planter is light bronze in color and has intricate scrollwork just below the rim. The band of scrollwork is about 3 inches wide, and in two tones that are slightly lighter than the color of the pot. This gives it a great three-tone look.

Where To Buy Your Cladding

Where To Buy Your Cladding

Cladding is perhaps one of the most adaptable building materials available to both amateurs and professionals. It can turn your garden shed into a masterpiece, or add value to the homes your construction company builds. Luckily, in the UK there are some excellent sources for cladding. While we don’t sell cladding ourselves, you’ll find what you are looking for, from feather edged cladding to tongue-and-groove, at one of these great suppliers.



Western red cedar is durable and beautiful, and readily available at iWood. This supplier takes orders and will import wood according to each customer’s specifications. The company actually imports timber according to customer orders. It can be cut to size, and will be planed all around to reduce splintering. This makes cedar cladding from iWood much easier to use I finished carpentry projects.

You can order American ash or white oak, European oak or ash, or western red cedar. They also supply American cherry wood, a beautiful, long-grained wood that shows the glimmer of grain once stained. European elm and beech are also in their inventory, as are American poplar, tulipwood, sycamore, and walnut.


Wickes provides timber cladding as well as uPVC cladding. For your hobby use or business use, you can order from them and get help and advice, too. The uPVC panels are decorative, and provide a finished look to your projects with little help. You can order interior or exterior cladding, and get clips to go with your order for quick installation.

Vincent Timber

Vincent Timber’s website offers great instructional videos to walk you through a variety of different construction projects. They also offer tutorials on the use of various woodworking tools. They supply private customers and contractors as well. In addition, they work with the packing industry and with architects. They also work with haulage companies. Among the services they provide are component production, laminating, laser cutting, planning, routering, veneering, and sawing. All of these services are available to customers according to their orders

UK Sleepers


UK Sleepers provides railway sleepers for use as gardening sheds. But, they also provide cladding for a wide variety of uses, in a variety of styles. Feather edge cladding is a popular order, as are profiled cladding and waney edge boards. You can get trim boards ready cut. They have various grades of timber available according to the uses you have in mind. Much of their timber is reclaimed, reducing the carbon footprint and keeping trees live longer. You can get reclaimed crossing timbers and untreated sleepers as well as treated railway sleepers that have been treated with eco-friendly treatments.

UK Oak

UK Oak provides customers with oak mantel pieces, beams, boards, and posts. They have green oak beams as well as air dried beams. They also sell doors made of solid oak, as well as tables and other types of oak furniture. Included in their inventory is flooring, skirting, timber cladding, and fencing materials. Their cladding is available in feather edge, tongue-and-groove, and many more styles.

Purchasing Lawn Services Online

Purchasing Lawn Services Online

Lawn care companies are, more and more, developing online presence to keep up with the ties Some, however, only deal over the telephone or even in person, depending on word of mouth or flyers taped to the front door. Customers sometimes respond to this, because they want to feel like they have some kind of personal relationship with people who are going to spend hours in their gardens. However, you can accomplish this with a well done website, and also bring in the traffic from customers who do their shopping online. You can, in fact, have both benefits. A good “about page” tells you about the owners and employees, filling you in with the personal information that helps you know whether or not to trust the company. You also can schedule your lawn service online, selecting exactly the services you want. The scheduling is usually quite easy, and gives you a chance to reschedule in a timely manner. You can also contact these companies after hours, so if you have to cancel, or you simply can’t find time to schedule during the day, the convenience of the internet will solve your problems.


Greensleeves Lawncare

Greensleeves has lawn service providers all over the UK. In fact, it is supposed to be the largest lawn care company in the UK. They make it easy for you to find providers in your area through an interactive map. With over 16 years of experience, and many more that than total, when you count the expertise of the owners and employees, you can be sure that your scheduled treatment will be great for your lawn. They have an annual treatment program, and can aerate your lawn, or do any fresh seeding you need.


Lawnmaster has offices in Merseyside, North Wales, and Cheshire. From there, they will travel to your residence or commercial space to take care of your lawncare problems. Their service area includes Shropshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Wirral, and Crewe, among others. You can get a quote online, and on their very nice website you can see what they do with their services. Their website also is mobile friendly, which makes it easier to shop for their services. They can proudly claim over 431 years of experience with their operators and employees, which puts a lot of experience and expertise at your beck and call. If you scroll down on the page, you’ll even see the names of operators in various service areas, so that you can follow up on your own if you want to.

Landhuis van de buitenplaats Beukbergen, in 1910 ontworpen en gebouwd naar ontwerp van architect G.C. Bremer in opdracht van jonkheer A.H. baron Sloet van Oldruitenborgh, zich noemende van Marxveld. Het oorspronkelijke huis uit de 18e eeuw werd afgebroken in 1834. Country house, built in 1910. Now a spiritual care centre for the army. Google Streetview.

Landhuis van de buitenplaats Beukbergen, in 1910 ontworpen en gebouwd naar ontwerp van architect G.C. Bremer in opdracht van jonkheer A.H. baron Sloet van Oldruitenborgh, zich noemende van Marxveld. Het oorspronkelijke huis uit de 18e eeuw werd afgebroken in 1834.
Country house, built in 1910. Now a spiritual care centre for the army. Google Streetview.

Green Thumb UK Ltd.

GreenThumb has well over 220 branches across the UK, and has been in business for over 30 years. They say they are the biggest lawn care company in the UK, with over 1,000,000 lawns treated every year. They are quite proud to report that this comes to 18 lawns treated – PER MINUTE! You can book your services online, and peruse their site to see all of the services they provide.


The Uses Of Fibreglass In Planter Production

The Uses Of Fibreglass In Planter Production

Planter pots have become the urban and suburban solution to the need humans have to make things grow. They can create beautiful arrangements, grow their own fruits and vegetables, or nurture a lovely herb garden, all because of pots. Some of the most beautiful planter pots are made of fibreglass. This lightweight, durable material has been used as strengthener in airplanes, automobile chassis, construction materials, sporting goods, and many other applications for decades. Now, fibreglass in planter production has expanded the choices and function of a very useful product in our homes.


An Eye For Detail

The detail available through the use of fibreglass is almost legendary. The flexibility of this material makes it ideal for moulds that would otherwise be too intricate for other products. Delicate scrollwork, ribbing and rope details are easy with fibreglass.


Fibreglass is usually combined with another material, such a concrete for weight, or PVC for structure. Wherever it is used, it will make the product more durable. Glazed fibreglass pots will retain their color longer without fading or chipping. They also will not bow when full of soil, with roots pushing against the sides.

Fibreglass doesn’t break down the way plastic does when exposed to sunlight. It is sturdy whether used inside or outside. There are of course other materials that can be used, why not check out our shop?


Fibreglass is one of the most affordable products on the market. It is often made with recycled ingredients, and planter pots with fibreglass will be among the least expensive. These planters can be decorative as well as functional, all within the tightest of budgets.



One of the fastest growing markets for sturdy, durable materials for planters is GLARE ware. This is actually Glass Laminate Aluminum Reinforced Epoxy. It is made of alternating layers of very thin aluminum and fibreglass. They are bonded together with an epoxy. While some constructions of this material call for placing each layer in the same direction, for stronger products the layers will run in different directions.

For fibreglass planters, this means that you can find exquisite large planters that will be strong enough for trees or larger plantings. This is especially helpful with planters used in public places such as malls, lobbies, and atria in large office buildings.

GLARE planters are uniquely strong and durable, and are also resistant to corrosion and fire. This makes them a perfect choice for use outdoors or in areas known for high temperatures, such as parking lots or median strips on city streets.

Window Boxes

Fibreglass planters also make excellent window boxes. This type of application tends to be a problem, because window boxes will often bow from the weight of soil and plants. The drain holes will also stain the cladding of the house beneath the boxes.

Fibreglass window boxes are strong enough to retain their shape, even when attached to the side of your house rather than sitting flat. They can be purchased with a reservoir that catches runoff, sparing your siding.

Using Plant Pots In Your Office

Using Plant Pots In Your Office

Every office is distinctive and, hopefully, filled with items that will create an aura conducive to helping you get your job done. Your office at work may look different than the one you have at home for any number of reasons. At work, you may need to create an austere atmosphere, or impress employees or clients. At home, your office may be a refuge – the one place you can go at the house where pets and kids have not cluttered the floor. Whatever atmosphere you create in your office, one of your biggest allies can be plant pots. That’s right, you never know when a plant pot will serve just the right role in organizing your office, or making it more homey.

Plant Pots as Furniture


Most offices don’t have much room for furniture. At the least, there will be a desk and office chair. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to have a sitting area available. This is where a plant pot can come in handy. Can’t decide what kind of end table or coffee table to get? A very stylish solution is to use a decorative pot. You can turn it into a “shadow box” type display by placing a plywood disc cut to sit in the pot a short distance below the rim. Then, fill that space with mementos such as shells from your last holiday, antique books dealing with your profession, photos of architectural achievements, or other items that will promote your professional or personal goals. Place a sheet of tempered glass over the top, and you have an attractive table that brings a personal touch to the office.

Plant Pots for Organizing

Your office no doubt has plenty of office items that need organizing. Don’t dig through your desk drawers for pens or paperclips. Simply buy a stylish set of small plant pots to array on your desk or on the shelf behind it to contain all of these small items. It is attractive, and you can inexpensively change colors, textures, or styles on a whim. Your office or hobby room can display many lovely pots, depending on your tastes. A jewelry maker friend has dozens of pots with various types and colors of beads and buttons displayed.

Pots for Statement


On a more professional note, you may want a statement piece in your office. This is especially useful for professionals who need to create a certain atmosphere because of clients or employees. In this case, a bespoke item can create a nice focal point for a specimen plant in the corner. It can also provide a personal touch on the official looking desk, or a soft element near an easy chair. A decorative pot on the book cases, without any flowers or plants in it, can be a truly artistic statement. This is a good way to convey an appreciation for art or style without the possible overdone sense of flowers and plants. It’s a great way to bring understated art into your office.