Every office is distinctive and, hopefully, filled with items that will create an aura conducive to helping you get your job done. Your office at work may look different than the one you have at home for any number of reasons. At work, you may need to create an austere atmosphere, or impress employees or clients. At home, your office may be a refuge – the one place you can go at the house where pets and kids have not cluttered the floor. Whatever atmosphere you create in your office, one of your biggest allies can be plant pots. That’s right, you never know when a plant pot will serve just the right role in organizing your office, or making it more homey.

Plant Pots as Furniture


Most offices don’t have much room for furniture. At the least, there will be a desk and office chair. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to have a sitting area available. This is where a plant pot can come in handy. Can’t decide what kind of end table or coffee table to get? A very stylish solution is to use a decorative pot. You can turn it into a “shadow box” type display by placing a plywood disc cut to sit in the pot a short distance below the rim. Then, fill that space with mementos such as shells from your last holiday, antique books dealing with your profession, photos of architectural achievements, or other items that will promote your professional or personal goals. Place a sheet of tempered glass over the top, and you have an attractive table that brings a personal touch to the office.

Plant Pots for Organizing

Your office no doubt has plenty of office items that need organizing. Don’t dig through your desk drawers for pens or paperclips. Simply buy a stylish set of small plant pots to array on your desk or on the shelf behind it to contain all of these small items. It is attractive, and you can inexpensively change colors, textures, or styles on a whim. Your office or hobby room can display many lovely pots, depending on your tastes. A jewelry maker friend has dozens of pots with various types and colors of beads and buttons displayed.

Pots for Statement


On a more professional note, you may want a statement piece in your office. This is especially useful for professionals who need to create a certain atmosphere because of clients or employees. In this case, a bespoke item can create a nice focal point for a specimen plant in the corner. It can also provide a personal touch on the official looking desk, or a soft element near an easy chair. A decorative pot on the book cases, without any flowers or plants in it, can be a truly artistic statement. This is a good way to convey an appreciation for art or style without the possible overdone sense of flowers and plants. It’s a great way to bring understated art into your office.