Plastic planters have many benefits for the gardener. Not only are they preferable for house plants, the garden can also benefit from the use of plastic planters. Here are a few of the advantages of plastic planters over ceramic and concrete.



PVC, which is the major material used in making plastic planters, is the same material used in making vinyl siding and some roofing products. This durable, tough product can withstand pressure from the roots of growing plants, temperature changes, and even direct strikes from hail stones.

Over years of use, plastic pots may become brittle if they are left in the direct sun, but usually gardeners have cycled around to new pots for bigger plants before this happens.

Terra Cotta pots, on the other hand, do not always fare well with temperature and weather changes. While terra cotta is sometimes considered to be prettier, and the moisture wicking properties is preferred for some succulent plants, the terra cotta will, over time, dry out your plants. It is a porous material that wicks water away from the soil, leaving calcium and salt deposits on the outside of the pot. Temperature changes also cause terra cotta to crack. This can be very frustrating when you have spent a lot of money on a nice pot. Concrete pots will also crack, and are prone to being chipped.


Most people have plants in pots so that they can move the plants around. Plastic planters are ideal for this, because they are so much lighter than terra cotta, ceramic, or concrete planters. Plastic pots make it possible to mount hanging pots on your fence and patio, whereas heavier pots may not be as practical.

The size of your planter is also affected by the weight. You may not be comfortable with a 25 gallon ceramic pot on your patio, as it may crack the pavers once it is fully loaded with dirt and plants. However, with a large pot, you can remove several pounds from the final tally, making it possible to have beautiful landscaping that integrates large potted plants.


Just about any look you get with ceramic, terra cotta, or concrete planters can be mimicked with plastic pots. Technology and design are such that plastic can be infused with any color, and any finish can be applied with as much success as with other materials. Designs range from plain, straight sides to ornate scrollwork. Plastic pots are available in any decorative style you want, and will look great in your garden or house.


Even the most ornate plastic planter costs less than its ceramic or concrete counterpart. You can find small pots for house plants, large urns for accent planting, and medium planters for your front porch and layered planting. And, all of them are less expensive than most of the competition.

The advantages of plastic planters give them the edge over heavier, more fragile ceramic and concrete planters. The versatility and ease of use make then very popular with gardeners.