What Are The Fashion Trends For This Spring?

What Are The Fashion Trends For This Spring?

Springtime fashion shows are occurring worldwide, and as the New Year is well underway, a few noticeable style crazes have caught on and have already shown real signs of staying power.

Art Deco – One common motif throughout runways in early spring has been an emphasis on Art Deco- inspired designs. Fashion designers frequently look to artwork for inspiration, and in this instance, they’ve taken bold colours as well as shapes, and have incorporated them in their appearances. Typically the most popular designer to get this done recently has been Gucci, lately seen on Florence Welch and Diane Krueger.

Designer Fashion Collections at Affordable Costs – Everyone wants a designer look for less, which is when a partnership was announced by Target like Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni, Lily Band, and much more with guest designers, shops were filled! The same is true for Versace for M & H and some Macy’s designers.

Brazil – Whether we are referring to shoes or clothing, men’s and women’s fashions are venturing further from Europe and south of the equator. Perhaps it’s to do with the increasing popularity of superstar Victoria’s Secret runway models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bundchen, who now have exactly the same popularity that Hollywood stars do.

Metallics – When you think of springtime, you think of vibrant, bouncy colors and florals. Metallics though? Generally reserved for nighttime, as seen on the runaways of Brazilian Fashion Week from designers like Carlos Miele, metallic are all the rage this spring and are even being paired with flowery prints. The key is one bit – either a metallic belt paired with flowery top and a white shirt, or a metallic, flowy blouse with white slacks.

Geometric – With daring, interesting colours comes the need for geometric prints, which goes along with Art Deco. You will find a ton of whimsical and modern prints available, including sun dresses, which are consistently popular this time of year.

Blue – All across runways, including Paris Brazil, and New York, were vivid colors of blue, including blue flowery print tunics blue satin dresses, floral blouses with hot short shorts, and Robell Trousers.

Heels with a platform – Stilettos might be taking a back seat. Throughout Ny fashion week, the appearance was all in regards to a chunky heel. You could have boat loads of fun with bold splashes of colors and animal prints here, but be sure if you’re going this path, you pair down your ensemble as not to collide.