You seriously need to visit the shop to see the new planters we have. Just as with clothing design, planters can be seasonal and fresh. We have planters and new styles that are great for indoors, as well as for the deck or garden. If you want to see what we can do for your commercial spaces, check out the shop and get some great ideas. We will even design planters specifically for you and your business.

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We have a new line of metal indoor planters. The reason we are calling these “indoor” is because they are so beautiful, you may not want them outdoors, exposed to the weather. The zinc flower potsare great for those with modern décor, because of the unique finish and sleek lines.

We have a line of Oriental style planters with delicate scenery all the way around. This is I the glaze of this 6 sided pot, in colors of teal, rose and green. The panels on the upper rim are beautifully detailed, and each side has a lovely pattern of either roses or people in red robes in a temple.

Another line we are carrying now is the Dubai line of planter pots. These are beautifully detailed resin planters that look for all the word like enamel. The lower portion is a paler color than the rim. The body of the pot is also a matte finish, while the inside and rim, which is about 4 inches, is high gloss. This 15 inch pot is a nice statement for indoor decoration, and comes in a great red for the holidays! Transplant your Norfolk Pine into this pot, and you’ll have years of enjoyment.

We also carry the Bombay line of planters. This one is available in red or green – again, great for the holiday season. This one is also made of resin, so it will be durable yet lightweight The semi-gloss finish extends for the full size of the pot, and the rim has three raised bands just below it to add a touch of art deco detail. This planter comes in a variety of sizes, so it will work great for your herb garden.

Graph round low cms 1-858x1200If you prefer the wicker look, we have Java, which is a wicker pattern resin planters. The great thing about resin for indoor planters is that it is lightweight so that you can move it from room to room to take advantage of seasonal light. It is also non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about water seepig out onto your furniture or flooring. The Java wicker planter is 22 inches, and will make a great addition to any room, with its neutral coffee color.

For a more classical look, you might like the Richmond series. This planter is light bronze in color and has intricate scrollwork just below the rim. The band of scrollwork is about 3 inches wide, and in two tones that are slightly lighter than the color of the pot. This gives it a great three-tone look.