One of the most popular bits of furniture in stores today are white gloss hall console tables. Why is that? It is because they make your home look clean and fresh. Here is how it works, and how you can capitalize on this decorating style to accomplish a clean, comfortable home with your furniture.

The Modern Look


The modern look is all about function and less about frills. It usually features sleek lines and hard, shiny finishes. Rather than appearing industrial and uncomfortable, the right mix of modern styled furniture and fabrics can make your home feel uncluttered and comfortable.

In the past, the “modern” look consisted of chrome and glass. Any upholstery was vinyl, for that shiny look. Of course, some people would have leather rather than vinyl. However, upholstery styling was sparse, with little padding. Vinyl and leather were stiff and mostly unyielding in order to maintain the slick, straight, and flat look necessary.

However, today’s modern combines clean lines with comfy cushions to make the home more comfortable while still setting the bar higher for designers.

White Gloss Hall Console Tables

White gloss hall console tables are used quite often in modern decorating in a variety of situations. As you enter your apartment or home, one of these tables in the entry establishes an uncluttered look, with a beautifully crafted vase or living orchid adding a touch of style.

The same table can be used as a sofa table, allowing you to decorate the space behind your sofa without creating a toe-stumper. It can also be used as a side-server in the dining room.

Why Gloss, Why White?

So, why is white gloss so popular? The main reason is that any time a surface is reflective, it makes the spaces around it look bigger and cleaner. That is because if something is dusty or grimy, it is not reflective. While you may not notice dust on the table, you will notice the clean look when it is dusted.

White is popular because it can actually look clean even when it is not clean. I drove a white car for years, because it always looked clean – even during the dirt storms that make my part of the U.S. famous.

When you combine white with gloss, you get a sparkling look that automatically makes you feel like you are surrounded by light and fresh air. In my office, (recently converted from my son’s room), I elected to install glossy white shelving units. They are hung on the wall, rather than units that sit on the floor. Even with the already-accumulated layer of dust that is inevitable in this area, they look great. The room is energizing, and looks and feels clean. All of the trim is also glossy white, and I am about to paint my drop leaf table – serving as my desk – the same, clean colour.

Gloss paint is also more durable than other types of paint. It will resist dents and stains, and be much easier to clean. That’s why a white, high gloss table is so appealing.