Do you know how to choose a lawn company? You may just want your lawn mown, or maybe your needs are more detailed. Although we don’t offer lawn maintenance as a service on this site, we do like to make sure the consumer is informed. Here are some ideas for how to pick the right lawn maintenance service.


Local Service

This may seem like a common sense, but make sure the lawn service is local. Some less ethical companies will try to draw in customers from outside their service area, hoping to expand. You want someone who can respond quickly, and whom you can contact easily.


Law maintenance can require the use of a wide variety of chemicals. Pesticides are important to control several different types of insects that can destroy your lawn and landscape. They can also kill shrubs and trees. Your maintenance company can treat all of these problems.

Chemicals are also necessary to kill unwanted weeds. Fertilizer is also a chemical, in many cases. Over-application of fertilizer can result in runoff which pollutes area surface water.

You will want a company that is diligent about carefully measure all pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers before application. In addition, some of these need to be watered in, while others do not. Herbicide usually needs to be applied and left on leaves to kill weeds, while fertilizer usually needs to be watered in.

There are also some chemicals and treatments that are easier on the environment that certain other chemicals. A green landscape service will know how to control law-destroying pests, diseases, and weeds using a certain percentage of natural treatments.


Nobody wants a crew of tattooed, chain-wearing bikers showing up at their house, even if they are the lawn care company. Look for companies that require their employees to wear uniforms and drive company vehicles. You should not be afraid to open your door for people you are hiring to work on your property.

There are also permits and licensing required for businesses who use chemicals. If your lawn company does not have the proper licensing, they should not apply chemicals.

There are also certifications available for people who work in trimming, fertilizing, and treating trees. Don’t allow anyone to prune trees or shrubs unless they have certification, because they can do serious damage. The trees and shrubs can be destroyed or weakened to the point that they must be removed.

If profanity is a problem for you, ask about that. Most companies have a strict no-profanity rule.

Professionals will also be careful with your pets. It is terrible when the lawn service leaves a gate open and the dog gets out. You’ll want to let them know you have pets, and ask them about the precautions they take to protect them.


Word of Mouth

Ask around about lawn maintenance companies. Your coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family probably have some experience with local landscape companies. You can check online for reviews of their services.