The Trick To Correctly Measure Your Feet

The Trick To Correctly Measure Your Feet

Danceshoes of all types must be properly fitted so that the dancer can reach his or her full potential. However, there are many variable in fitting shoes, and danceshoes are even more difficult to fit, for a number of reasons. Here are some tricks to correctly measure your feet for danceshoes.

Tight Fit

For performance, most professionals prefer a tight fit on their dance shoes. This is not so tight that it cuts off the circulation, but it is tight enough for the dancer to feel the floor. For ballet dancers, it is crucial that the toe actually reaches the floor. Otherwise, they cannot attain pointe.

However, to dance en pointe, even small children need shoes that fit. Buying the shoes a size too large will just make the child clumsy, and keep her from being able to perfect the technique. They can also trip in class.


In general, you can wear the same size of dance shoe as you wear in tennis shoes. However, each brand of danceshoe is different, and different models within the brand name will fit differently. This makes it crucial to have your feet measured by a professional before ordering dance shoes.

It is not considered to be very polite to go into a dancewear store and ask them to measure your feet for dance shoes, only to leave with the measurements and order them online. Due to the prevalence of this type of behavior, many dancewear stores now charge a fee for fitting and measuring danceshoes. If you purchase the shoes at the store, they will often include the fee as partial payment for the shoe purchase.

You should always make sure that you are wearing the tights that you will be wearing as you wear the dance shoes. If you will be wearing socks, wear those when you try on the shoes. Do not just guess, because this can keep you from getting the proper fit.


Keep in mind that, regardless of the type of material that the shoes are made of, they will stretch a little bit. They will also conform to the shape of your foot, over time. However, the shoes must fit to begin with , or they can damage the foot and keep you from being successful.


While you should always get a professional fitting at some point, you can measure your foot yourself by placing your bare foot on a piece of paper. Stand on that foot, and have someone trace the outline. The pencil should be perpendicular to the paper, and not tilted, or the measurement will be skewed.

To find the length of your foot, measure from the heel to the end of your longest toe. To measure the width of your foot, measure the widest part , usually at the ball of the foot. However, the height of your instep can also be an issue. Some people have very high arches, while others have relatively flat feet. In these extremes, it is a good idea to get professional advice.