New Planters On The Shop

New Planters On The Shop

You seriously need to visit the shop to see the new planters we have. Just as with clothing design, planters can be seasonal and fresh. We have planters and new styles that are great for indoors, as well as for the deck or garden. If you want to see what we can do for your commercial spaces, check out the shop and get some great ideas. We will even design planters specifically for you and your business.

Indoor PlantersGraph conical high cms 1-858x1200

We have a new line of metal indoor planters. The reason we are calling these “indoor” is because they are so beautiful, you may not want them outdoors, exposed to the weather. The zinc flower potsare great for those with modern décor, because of the unique finish and sleek lines.

We have a line of Oriental style planters with delicate scenery all the way around. This is I the glaze of this 6 sided pot, in colors of teal, rose and green. The panels on the upper rim are beautifully detailed, and each side has a lovely pattern of either roses or people in red robes in a temple.

Another line we are carrying now is the Dubai line of planter pots. These are beautifully detailed resin planters that look for all the word like enamel. The lower portion is a paler color than the rim. The body of the pot is also a matte finish, while the inside and rim, which is about 4 inches, is high gloss. This 15 inch pot is a nice statement for indoor decoration, and comes in a great red for the holidays! Transplant your Norfolk Pine into this pot, and you’ll have years of enjoyment.

We also carry the Bombay line of planters. This one is available in red or green – again, great for the holiday season. This one is also made of resin, so it will be durable yet lightweight The semi-gloss finish extends for the full size of the pot, and the rim has three raised bands just below it to add a touch of art deco detail. This planter comes in a variety of sizes, so it will work great for your herb garden.

Graph round low cms 1-858x1200If you prefer the wicker look, we have Java, which is a wicker pattern resin planters. The great thing about resin for indoor planters is that it is lightweight so that you can move it from room to room to take advantage of seasonal light. It is also non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about water seepig out onto your furniture or flooring. The Java wicker planter is 22 inches, and will make a great addition to any room, with its neutral coffee color.

For a more classical look, you might like the Richmond series. This planter is light bronze in color and has intricate scrollwork just below the rim. The band of scrollwork is about 3 inches wide, and in two tones that are slightly lighter than the color of the pot. This gives it a great three-tone look.

Where To Buy Your Cladding

Where To Buy Your Cladding

Cladding is perhaps one of the most adaptable building materials available to both amateurs and professionals. It can turn your garden shed into a masterpiece, or add value to the homes your construction company builds. Luckily, in the UK there are some excellent sources for cladding. While we don’t sell cladding ourselves, you’ll find what you are looking for, from feather edged cladding to tongue-and-groove, at one of these great suppliers.



Western red cedar is durable and beautiful, and readily available at iWood. This supplier takes orders and will import wood according to each customer’s specifications. The company actually imports timber according to customer orders. It can be cut to size, and will be planed all around to reduce splintering. This makes cedar cladding from iWood much easier to use I finished carpentry projects.

You can order American ash or white oak, European oak or ash, or western red cedar. They also supply American cherry wood, a beautiful, long-grained wood that shows the glimmer of grain once stained. European elm and beech are also in their inventory, as are American poplar, tulipwood, sycamore, and walnut.


Wickes provides timber cladding as well as uPVC cladding. For your hobby use or business use, you can order from them and get help and advice, too. The uPVC panels are decorative, and provide a finished look to your projects with little help. You can order interior or exterior cladding, and get clips to go with your order for quick installation.

Vincent Timber

Vincent Timber’s website offers great instructional videos to walk you through a variety of different construction projects. They also offer tutorials on the use of various woodworking tools. They supply private customers and contractors as well. In addition, they work with the packing industry and with architects. They also work with haulage companies. Among the services they provide are component production, laminating, laser cutting, planning, routering, veneering, and sawing. All of these services are available to customers according to their orders

UK Sleepers


UK Sleepers provides railway sleepers for use as gardening sheds. But, they also provide cladding for a wide variety of uses, in a variety of styles. Feather edge cladding is a popular order, as are profiled cladding and waney edge boards. You can get trim boards ready cut. They have various grades of timber available according to the uses you have in mind. Much of their timber is reclaimed, reducing the carbon footprint and keeping trees live longer. You can get reclaimed crossing timbers and untreated sleepers as well as treated railway sleepers that have been treated with eco-friendly treatments.

UK Oak

UK Oak provides customers with oak mantel pieces, beams, boards, and posts. They have green oak beams as well as air dried beams. They also sell doors made of solid oak, as well as tables and other types of oak furniture. Included in their inventory is flooring, skirting, timber cladding, and fencing materials. Their cladding is available in feather edge, tongue-and-groove, and many more styles.

The Uses Of Fibreglass In Planter Production

The Uses Of Fibreglass In Planter Production

Planter pots have become the urban and suburban solution to the need humans have to make things grow. They can create beautiful arrangements, grow their own fruits and vegetables, or nurture a lovely herb garden, all because of pots. Some of the most beautiful planter pots are made of fibreglass. This lightweight, durable material has been used as strengthener in airplanes, automobile chassis, construction materials, sporting goods, and many other applications for decades. Now, fibreglass in planter production has expanded the choices and function of a very useful product in our homes.


An Eye For Detail

The detail available through the use of fibreglass is almost legendary. The flexibility of this material makes it ideal for moulds that would otherwise be too intricate for other products. Delicate scrollwork, ribbing and rope details are easy with fibreglass.


Fibreglass is usually combined with another material, such a concrete for weight, or PVC for structure. Wherever it is used, it will make the product more durable. Glazed fibreglass pots will retain their color longer without fading or chipping. They also will not bow when full of soil, with roots pushing against the sides.

Fibreglass doesn’t break down the way plastic does when exposed to sunlight. It is sturdy whether used inside or outside. There are of course other materials that can be used, why not check out our shop?


Fibreglass is one of the most affordable products on the market. It is often made with recycled ingredients, and planter pots with fibreglass will be among the least expensive. These planters can be decorative as well as functional, all within the tightest of budgets.



One of the fastest growing markets for sturdy, durable materials for planters is GLARE ware. This is actually Glass Laminate Aluminum Reinforced Epoxy. It is made of alternating layers of very thin aluminum and fibreglass. They are bonded together with an epoxy. While some constructions of this material call for placing each layer in the same direction, for stronger products the layers will run in different directions.

For fibreglass planters, this means that you can find exquisite large planters that will be strong enough for trees or larger plantings. This is especially helpful with planters used in public places such as malls, lobbies, and atria in large office buildings.

GLARE planters are uniquely strong and durable, and are also resistant to corrosion and fire. This makes them a perfect choice for use outdoors or in areas known for high temperatures, such as parking lots or median strips on city streets.

Window Boxes

Fibreglass planters also make excellent window boxes. This type of application tends to be a problem, because window boxes will often bow from the weight of soil and plants. The drain holes will also stain the cladding of the house beneath the boxes.

Fibreglass window boxes are strong enough to retain their shape, even when attached to the side of your house rather than sitting flat. They can be purchased with a reservoir that catches runoff, sparing your siding.

Losing Weight Without Artificial Junk

Losing Weight Without Artificial Junk

Whether positive or negative, most people feel like they need to lose some weight. The diet food industry is huge, as is the fitness industry. With all of the advertisement and product placement surrounding us, it is easy to fall into the trap of using junk to lose weight.

Artificial Sweeteners


One of the first traps we often fall into is the use of artificial sweeteners. This is junk food at its worst. All of the artificial sweeteners are chemicals that create a toxic waste dump inside our bodies. When you go through a detox regimen, one fo the hardest things to purge from your body is the artificial garbage you have ingested.

Fake sweeteners are used to make food more palatable. Most human tastebuds respond more quickly to the flavor of “sweet” than to any other flavor. But, if you are the kind of person who is willing to sacrifice a piece of luscious crème puff in favor of something artificially sweetened, you are also capable of limiting your intake of the real thing. Even a taste of something devilishly good is better than a whole package of something full of fake junk.


Preservatives are harder to dump. This is try both figuratively and literally. First of all, preservatives keep food fresh, so you don’t have to shop as often. They also keep you from having to cook as often, because the foods are “fresh” longer. However, these preservatives often have unwelcomed effects on the nutritional content of your food. Unfortunately, the work you have to invest to eat fresh foods that have no preservatives is beyond the reach of most people.

They are harder to dump from your body, too. Your digestive tract and purifying organs are stressed by preservatives. During detox, these artificial chemicals hang on to the body most persistently.

The Myth of Low Fat


Many people think that low fat food items are automatically better for them. But, fat holds flavor, and if a food is low fat, it usually means that other chemicals have been added to increase and improve flavor. Don’t fall into this trap. Check the calorie, MSG, and sodium content, and you may be surprised.


Living a lifestyle that reduces toxins in your body can be difficult, but not impossible. The pay off is a healthier body, mind, and spirit. By cutting down on the number of artificial sweeteners and preservatives, you can immediately eliminate some of the most destructive elements to your body. Then, by taking care to replace those chemicals with things that are more easily processed by your body, you will begin living a detox lifestyle.

Detoxing your body can be strenuous, and many people avoid it for as long as they can but exercise and visiting a weight loss retreat could help. This is especially true for people who know they are consuming chemicals that are unhealthy. However, if you follow a moderately healthy diet, detox is not as harsh. You can begin to get rid of other toxins that your body has absorbed from medication, air, and topical contact.

Shiplap Vs. Tongue And Groove Cladding

Shiplap Vs. Tongue And Groove Cladding

Your outdoor projects can keep you busy, and are so rewarding when they are finished. You may have planned for months before you actually got to start building, and now, you’re ready to add the finishing touches. Considering that most projects will need cladding, you may want to make a decision between shiplap and tong and groove cladding. Here are some facts about both that may help you make your decision.



First of all, what is the purpose of the cladding? If you have built a storage shed, how much traffic will it have? If it is just for storing garden utensils, then shiplap will be fine. But, if you have build a playhouse or workshop, you may want to consider tongue and groove.

Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding has a bevel cut on the front, across the length of the top of the board. This creates a concave shape with a thinner edge along the top. Across the bottom, on the back of the board, is a groove cut that will just fit over the edge of the piece below it. This is a type of tongue and groove, but there is only one groove. It sloughs the water off of your shed, protecting the structure and whatever is inside the building.

This cladding is fairly easy to install, as the top board just sits over the bevel. As the cladding is secured, it seals the joint quite well.

Tongue and Groove Cladding

Tongue and groove cladding has a more complex construction. It usually involves cutting two parallel grooves into the edge of the board, lengthwise. The other side of the board is routed out, leaving two tongues that should fit into the grooves. This creates a very tight seal. Tongue and groove is quite strong cladding. This cladding is suggested for buildings that will undergo a lot of traffic. A workshop, for example, will have a lot of traffic. Tools can be heavy, and working in a structure will create stress on it. This type of cladding adds strength so that the frame does not torque or sides break down.


Overlap Cladding

These are panels that you simply overlap. There is no beveling, and no grooves. This is the least expensive cladding, and the easiest to install. However, as far as structural soundness, the overlap cladding will not provide the stability of the other two.


The least expensive of the three types of cladding is the overlap. It will waterproof your structure and protect the interior. You will have to take care to seal the corners, though, because there will be plenty of gaps. Your structure won’t be as strong, either, so if you will have heavy equipment or a lot of traffic in it, it may not last as long.

Shiplap is the mid-expense, and is quite strong. Tongue and groove is the most expensive and the strongest.

The good news is that there is a cladding out there that you can afford, and that will protect your building.

The Advantages Of Buying Our Plastic Planters

The Advantages Of Buying Our Plastic Planters

Plastic planters have many benefits for the gardener. Not only are they preferable for house plants, the garden can also benefit from the use of plastic planters. Here are a few of the advantages of plastic planters over ceramic and concrete.



PVC, which is the major material used in making plastic planters, is the same material used in making vinyl siding and some roofing products. This durable, tough product can withstand pressure from the roots of growing plants, temperature changes, and even direct strikes from hail stones.

Over years of use, plastic pots may become brittle if they are left in the direct sun, but usually gardeners have cycled around to new pots for bigger plants before this happens.

Terra Cotta pots, on the other hand, do not always fare well with temperature and weather changes. While terra cotta is sometimes considered to be prettier, and the moisture wicking properties is preferred for some succulent plants, the terra cotta will, over time, dry out your plants. It is a porous material that wicks water away from the soil, leaving calcium and salt deposits on the outside of the pot. Temperature changes also cause terra cotta to crack. This can be very frustrating when you have spent a lot of money on a nice pot. Concrete pots will also crack, and are prone to being chipped.


Most people have plants in pots so that they can move the plants around. Plastic planters are ideal for this, because they are so much lighter than terra cotta, ceramic, or concrete planters. Plastic pots make it possible to mount hanging pots on your fence and patio, whereas heavier pots may not be as practical.

The size of your planter is also affected by the weight. You may not be comfortable with a 25 gallon ceramic pot on your patio, as it may crack the pavers once it is fully loaded with dirt and plants. However, with a large pot, you can remove several pounds from the final tally, making it possible to have beautiful landscaping that integrates large potted plants.


Just about any look you get with ceramic, terra cotta, or concrete planters can be mimicked with plastic pots. Technology and design are such that plastic can be infused with any color, and any finish can be applied with as much success as with other materials. Designs range from plain, straight sides to ornate scrollwork. Plastic pots are available in any decorative style you want, and will look great in your garden or house.


Even the most ornate plastic planter costs less than its ceramic or concrete counterpart. You can find small pots for house plants, large urns for accent planting, and medium planters for your front porch and layered planting. And, all of them are less expensive than most of the competition.

The advantages of plastic planters give them the edge over heavier, more fragile ceramic and concrete planters. The versatility and ease of use make then very popular with gardeners.